Created with international expertise

Supported by the European Bank of Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), an international team have created a toolkit of training materials and resources that can help you in your work.

With free-to-access elearning modules for drivers and resources to help manage your fleet, this toolkit can help manage risk across your business.

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The international evidence for addressing safety on our roads in a systematic way is compelling. We need to improve the quality of our infrastructure and vehicle fleet as well as the way in which our road networks are used.

Through a structured programme of elearning, fleet managers, drivers and motorcycle riders can receive tailored content.

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Light Vehicles

If you drive a car or SUV, check out this module designed for you.

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Heavy Vehicles

The toolkit includes dedicated content for professional drivers of larger goods vehicles.

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Buses and Coaches

The toolkit includes dedicated content for professional drivers of passenger vehicles.

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Mixed Fleet

Support for businesses coping with the complex demands of a mixed fleet.

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Many workers use motorcycles for work, try our materials for riders.

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Fleet Safety Policy

A wide range of resources to help your company develop a robust fleet safety policy.

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About the toolkit

Whether you drive or ride in your work, whether you carry passengers, goods or simply need to move yourself from one place to another we want you to ensure that you get home safely at the end of the day.

This toolkit brings together:

  • Evidence from an international team of experts
  • High quality free elearning modules for different groups
  • Additional free resources for fleet managers
  • All in one platform, available in several languages


Development organisations and NGOs can promote these resources and encourage organisational change.