Using the road risk toolkit

The international evidence for addressing safety on our roads in a systematic way is compelling. We need to improve the quality of our infrastructure and vehicle fleet as well as the way in which our road networks are used.

Employers and fleets represent extremely important contributors to that systematic approach. Many of the vehicles on our roads are there for commercial purposes, moving goods and people to keep the economy on track. Commercial vehicles tend to travel greater distances and account for a large amount of the traffic, particularly on major roads. Securing improvements to the safety of those who drive for work, through well designed and delivered programmes to fleets can therefore be an important contributor to overall safety on the network.

Supported by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development this toolkit is design to facilitate improvements in fleet management and driver training around the globe. With a suite of training materials and resources available free of charge, this toolkit reduces the barriers to companies who want to manage their road risk more effectively.

Through a structured programme of elearning, fleet managers, drivers and motorcycle riders can receive tailored content.

Organisations wanting to promote more effective management of occupational road risk, advocating for wider participation or improvements in practice are welcome to use the resources within this toolkit to inform and develop their advocacy work.

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